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Goaltender Courses Include:

  • Team Practices

    GT&R will come out to a team practice to work with the goalies, for us to do so we need approval from the team's coaching staff and one end of the ice blue line in.  This is a great training service as it allows GT&R instructors to get a good feel to the goalies habits and tendencies during game speed drills.  This service is also very convenient for the goaltender as hockey schedules are so busy it is sometimes pretty tough to make time to get out to GT&R ice times.

  • GT&R Goaltending Summer Tune Up Program

    GT&R is now offering a weekly summer tune up program for Bantam Goalies (13-14) and Midget/Junior Goalies (15-19). This is a great opportunity for goalies to be on ice for an hour to see heavy shot volume and gain valuable experience in penalty kill, power play, offensive breakout, and defensive end coverage. Kelly and Braven will be on ice to make adjustments with our goalies on the fly, they will also be able to use the information from the tune up ice to apply to specific adjustments or tweaks to their chosen technique. These sessions will also give Kelly and Braven valuable experience by watching GT&R Goalies in game speed action, they will see how the goalies manage their crease (depth and angle) on first shot engagement and how they manage their crease on rebound recover. There is nothing but upside to this new program. Book your time now or please contact Kelly to set up your goalies specific development program. The cost for these ice sessions is $75.00/hour.

  • Dry Land Training

    This is a new program for GT&R we have hired a new dry land trainer who will be doing Goaltender specific workouts throughout the off season.  These programs will be designed for the muscle groups a goaltender frequently uses.  Programs will be dedicated to core stability, leg strengthening, muscle twitch for speed, hand eye coordination, plyometrics and most importantly proper stretching to increase and maintain flexibility.  We will be running dry land workouts to coincide with our on ice training and there will be days dedicated just to dry land training.

  • Group Training

    This is an off season specific program.  This program will group 3 - 4 goalies together to train as a group.  This program will set up ice times, dry land times and video time for the group.  Please email for more details as this program is dedicated for goalies who are very serious about developing their game.

  • Video Training

    Another new program for GT&R, with the addition of video it allows Kelly to be that more specific with GT&R goalies development.  At the request of the goaltender GT&R will record a training session this will allow the goalie to choose one of 3 options:  1 to order a CD of the recorded lesson, 2 a CD with Kelly doing voice over explaining the lesson, and 3 to book time with Kelly and go through the recorded session.

  • 1-on-1 Training

    GT&R will do private one on one lessons upon client's request, if you wish to do private sessions please contact us for details.

GT&R Staff

  • kelly-downes-goaltender

    Kelly Downes

    Owner / Head Instructor

    Kelly is the founder of GT&R Goaltending and the Lead Instructor. Kelly had a very serious workplace accident in March of 2002 that almost ended his hockey career permanently. By April 2002, Kelly had is right foot amputated as a result of the workplace accident. Shortly after, he started playing goal for Team Canada’s Amputee Hockey team in 2004. It was during his 7 years with Team Canada’s program that he knew he wanted to be a Goaltending Coach and work with kids to help them develop and achieve any goals they have set out in the great game of hockey. Kelly started Goaltender’s Training & Rehab Ltd in October 2008.

    Kelly lives in Regina with his wife Melessa and his two girls Audrey and Charlotte.  Kelly is also a Remedial Massage Therapist, an education that he says gives him a different look at goaltending, being a muscle specialist. Kelly’s Massage Practice is located at Crossroad Chiropractic and Massage in the Northwest end of Regina on Rochdale Blvd. When not at home or at work Kelly loves to play golf with his buds or go and watch a game. Kelly’s philosophy about goaltending is simple, be patient and do not over think the position.

  • Braven MacPherson


    Braven was a long time student with GT&R Goaltending while playing minor hockey. Kelly and Braven spent a lot of time together, Kelly credits Braven with helping him create GT&R Goaltending’s methods and techniques. “Braven was just one of those kids who was all business once he put his gear on, there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t try to better his on ice game. He was a pleasure to work with as a young goalie” Kelly is quoted saying. Braven played AAA Midget, Junior B and explored some Junior options in the United States. At the age of 19 Braven made the decision to focus on school, a tough decision for any young man to make especially when you love the game. Braven started with GT&R Goaltending as a shooter with Kelly, but also running tune up nets for all goalies. In 2016 Braven was a regular fixture on GT&R’s and he took a bigger roll in the development of GT&R goalies. Kelly says “Braven is first a great young man but also carries a keen eye to detail the goaltending position. Braven is a key addition to the growth of GT&R Goaltending and he will be running our program for goalies 7-12 years of age.

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